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August 2019 Blog Income and Progress Report

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August is in the books which means it’s time for another blog income and progress report.

I mainly write these reports to keep track of my blogging progress. It’s a good way to see what I need to work on from month to month.

You can read my first ever blog income and progress report or my second one to see what my blogging journey has been like so far.

(And if you’re ready to get started growing a blog of your own, read my step-by-step tutorial for starting a blog with Siteground. )

Third Blog Income and Progress Report – August 2019

blog income reportAs a reminder:

  • I originally started this blog in March of 2018.
  • After working on it for just a couple of months, I got super frustrated and quit blogging.
  • But the idea of starting a blog just wouldn’t go away, so I relaunched in April of 2019.

Even though I’ve had my blog for over a year, August was technically my fifth full month of blogging consistently.

But to keep things simple, I’m calling this my third blog income and progress report because that’s what it is.

Ready to see how I did? Let’s go!

Blog Posts Published

Goal: 6

Actual: 6

I was a little less ambitious for blog posting this month. For one thing, I just didn’t have time to do a lot of writing here.

My freelance writing business kept me super busy again, with another $25,000+ income month. We started our homeschool year, plus soccer season is in full swing.

I did manage to get these posts published:

As part of my efforts to try and grow my blog, I wrote a guest post on money management tips for female entrepreneurs for the lovely Sasha at Everyday She’s Sparkling.

I also had an interview with Jade at Live a Blissful Life published, where I talk about how I make $200,000+ a year from freelance writing. So go check both of those out!

And…drumroll, please! I finally finished my FREE freelance writing email course!

So head over to my NEW blog and sign up if you’re ready to learn how to get paid to be a freelance writer!

Blog Traffic/Pageviews

Goal: 6,000 pageviews for the month

Actual: 4,298

My pageviews were consistent more or less but not great for August.

Part of it is probably people just not being online as much in the summer. But I know I didn’t do as well promoting my blog in the many Facebook groups for bloggers I belong to or on Pinterest this month.

My growth or lack of it is frustrating and I’m still trying to figure out what direction I should take this blog in. (And if you have suggestions, drop ’em in the comments!)

New Email Subscribers

Goal: 25

Actual: 56

I’m able to say that for this blog income and progress report I did meet my goal on email subscribers.

And I also hit another goal of emailing my list once per week.

List-building remains a challenge. I have several ideas for things I’d like to my free resource library but I need to find time to work on those.

And if you have a great idea for a freebie or resource you’d like to see here, head to the comments and tell me about it!

Pinterest Monthly Viewers/Followers

Goal: 300,000/3,400

Actual: 343,000/3,473

Pinterest is my personal Achilles heel right now.

I picked up a lot of new followers this month, which is good. But my impressions/views are still up and down like a see-saw.

I did invest a little money into Pinteresting Strategies from Mommy on Purpose this month.

I’ve implemented some of the tips Carly offers but not all. My big goal for September is to make one new pin every day to see if that will help boost my click-through traffic.

I also tested out some different pin designs, which is always fun.

Here’s my formula for making pins, if you’re interested:

  • Come up with a pin design that I like.
  • Make all my pins look like that.
  • Decide I hate all of the pins I just made.
  • Start over again with a new design.
  • Rinse and repeat.

Pretty scientific, right? Feel free to steal this strategy to see if it works any better for you. 😁

Twitter Followers

Goal: 800

Actual: 796

Twitter isn’t my main focus for promotion, though I do try to go on there and tweet a few times a day.

At some point, I’d like to focus more effort on Twitter but for now, I’ll probably stick to my current strategy of tweeting a few times a day.

And if you’d like to give me a follow, I’ll follow you back!

What About Facebook?

I only share my blog posts in closed Facebook groups. You won’t find a link to my blog on my profile page.

No one who knows me in real life, other than my kids, knows I blog.

So that’s the deal with Facebook and why I don’t have a page for this blog on that platform.

Hours Spent Blogging

Goal: 15 hours/per week

Actual: ???

This is a pain point for me, as I always feel like I’m not spending enough time on my blog.

But honestly, I just can’t.

I’m freelancing full-time and that keeps me way busy. Add in raising two kids solo, homeschooling, extracurricular activities, cooking, cleaning, running errands–it’s a lot.

My main problem right now is that I’m not as productive as I could be with my blogging time.

I end up getting distracted or I focus on smaller things and neglect the bigger things that could be helping me to grow.

So that’s one thing to work on for September, among others.

Blogging Income for August 2019

A blog income and progress report wouldn’t be complete without a rundown of whether the blogger’s making any money, right?

And for August 2019, I did make a little money. And when I say a little, I do mean a little, lol. Here’s what the numbers look like:

  • Affiliate Income: $0.40
  • Ads: $8.96

All of the affiliate income came from this Grammarly review post I published back in July.

(And if you’re not using Grammarly as a proofreading tool for your blog or freelance writing business, definitely check it out. It’s free to use, so go sign up!)

My current affiliate marketing strategy is obviously not paying off. So that’s another thing to focus on for September.

The ad income came from Fomo ads.

What is FOMO and How Do You Make Money From It?

Fomo is an ad network that you can join for free.

Once you create your free Fomo account, all you have to do is embed a snippet of code on your site. Fomo verifies your account and once you’re approved, pop-up ads start appearing on your blog.

It’s easy to install and start earning money from ad revenue with Fomo. You get paid by impressions and clicks and you’re paid monthly via PayPal.

I earned my first few cents within 24 hours of joining and being approved. It’s that simple.

fomo ad income

I like Fomo because the ads aren’t overbearing.

It’s just a small, simple pop-up that you can customize to fit your branding. I applied to and was accepted to both and Google Adsense this month. But I haven’t run any of those ads yet.

Some bigger bloggers in one of the Facebook groups I’m in said I’m better off focusing on growing my traffic so I can eventually qualify for a bigger ad network, like Monumetric. So I’m taking that advice for now.

But in the meantime, I’ll keep the Fomo ads so I can say that I am making some money for my efforts. 😂

If you’ve just started your blog and you’re looking for a simple way to monetize and start earning some money, give Fomo ads a try!

Web Hosting

What Did I Spend on My Blog?

In my first blog income and progress report, I forgot to include my blogging costs. So here’s what they were for August:

  • $29 for Convertkit (and if you’re not using them for your email list, you should because they’re great!).
  • $12 and change for Canva Pro.
  • $42 for Pinteresting Strategies.

Looking ahead to September, my blogging expenses will still include Convertkit and Canva Pro. I’m seriously thinking of investing in some blog coaching, though.

Because here’s the truth, I don’t know what I’m doing here. I see other bloggers who are growing by leaps and bounds and making wads of cash in their first two months and I’m like, hey can I get some of that action or what?

And I know, comparisons are just a waste of time and they don’t help at all. But I’m beyond ready for some kind of blogging breakthrough.

And it’s not even really about making money–I make a great income from freelance writing already.

I mainly feel like I’m not connecting with all the people I can help who want to learn how to make money online or get better with managing money.

So dropping a few bucks on coaching or consulting may be on the agenda for this month.

September 2019 Blogging Goals/To-D0’s

Here’s a recap of the goals I set for August in my last blog income and progress report:

  • Publish 6 new posts on Boss Single Mama. PASS
  • Submit 1 new guest post. PASS — I submitted two!
  • Add 3 freebies to the Resource Library, or at the very least, figure out what kind of freebies I should be promoting to build my audience. FAIL-ish — I have a few ideas, just haven’t implemented them yet. 
  • Decide whether to finish that free email course on freelance writing or ditch it. PASS! Go check it out!
  • Grow pageviews to 6,000. FAIL — boo!
  • Continue emailing my list once per week and add 25 new subscribers. PASS
  • Grow Pinterest followers to 3,400. PASS
  • Grow Twitter followers to 800. Close enough!
  • Earn $25 in affiliate income. Miserable fail 😒
  • Continue updating posts for SEO and adding appropriate affiliate links. PASS-ish — this is an ongoing work in progress. 
  • Brainstorm ideas for one small paid product. PASS-ish — still thinking about this one. 

Overall, I think I did okay. But I’m sure I could have done better.

Did I mention that blogging, while lots of fun, is also hellishly hard sometimes?

So yeah. I’m doing what I can to be as productive as possible and keep moving forward. Some days are better than others.

Blogging Goals for September 2019

To round out my little blog income and progress report, here are a few goals for this month:

  • Publish 6 new posts.
  • Submit 2 new guest post pitches and increase focus on blogger outreach.
  • Create one new Pinterest pin each day.
  • Increase blog page views to 5,000.
  • Continue emailing my list weekly and add 25 new subscribers.
  • Book a coaching/consulting call to get clarity on what the heck I should be doing.
  • Choose 1-3 amazing affiliates to promote and then create content that highlights why they’re helpful/useful.
  • Continue updating older posts for SEO, affiliate links and new pins.

Are these goals doable? Sure.

Are they going to explode my blog traffic, to steal a phrase so many bloggers seem to be fond of using?

Maybe, maybe not. But if I can wrap up September with all of these things done and crossed off the list, then I’ll be happy.

blog income and progress report

Have You Started a Blog Yet?

I hope you enjoyed my third blog income and progress report. And if you haven’t started a blog yet, it’s time to get on it!

Remember, I’ve got a step-by-step guide you can follow to start your blog with Siteground in just a few minutes.

And if you’re already a blogger, what big goals are you setting for September? Are you making money with your blog yet?

Tell me all about it in the comments. Or, share a link to your blog income and progress report!

And please pin and share this post if you liked it!

start a blog checklist

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  1. I’ve heard of Fomo ads and I’ve been thinking about giving them a go! But I’m still deciding whether I want to focus on growing my blog first and then apply for a bigger network or use ads now.
    Also, that Pinterest formula sounds familiar, I always make a pin I like and then the next day I look at it and I hate it. But I think it’s all about experimenting and trying out new designs.
    Don’t worry about it as I’m sure that with time and practice you’ll find a style you like (for more than a day haha) so things will get easier and faster!
    This was another great progress report I really enjoyed reading 🙂
    Valentina recently posted…5 best WordPress plugins for bloggersMy Profile

    • Thanks, Valentina!I almost didn’t publish this blog income and progress report because it doesn’t feel like I’m making much of either! It’s a good way to stay accountable though.

      Definitely check out Fomo, I like them even though the payout is low. And I’m glad to know someone else has the same Pinterest strategy as me, lol. It’s so hard to find a great design and all the ones I love, no one else takes notice of. Then the pins I hate get the most clicks!

  2. Rebecca this is such a great post and I could so relate! Your Pinterest strategy cracked me up as that’s EXACTLY what I’ve been doing – although I plan to stick with my current style for a while as the more pins you have the more exhausting it is to update them all! ha ha.

    This whole post just resonates with me so much and what I’m going through right now so thank you for publishing it, so great to know I’m not alone!

    • Thanks, Kathryn! I have really tried to make friends with Pinterest but it is just not having it. So I play around with pins and make new designs, then just switch it up when I get bored. Glad to know I’m not alone with my strategy, lol.

    • Thanks! I honestly don’t know if they have any minimums on page views or anything like that. I applied, was accepted and had the ads up in 24 hours, it was pretty quick. I would apply anyway, the least they can do is say no and you have to reapply later. I also got accepted to Google Adsense and just as quickly with my current page views so I don’t think you need a ton of traffic for any of these sites, though I could be wrong.

    • Thanks, Kimmy! I’m going to check out your blog income report as well. I use these reports to see how I’m doing and I’m trying not to get down on not making big progress. I’m making some investments for September as well and hoping they’ll pay off!

  3. Wow, your freelancing income is incredible! I may take your free course, I’m just not sure where I’d find the time to do the freelancing on top of my blog work. I launched when you relaunched and love it and put a lot of work in it, but it is frustrating when you don’t see a ton of progress. And although I am a mom, I am not a single mom who homeschools, yet I always feel busy. I’m impressed!

    • Thanks, Julie! Definitely try the course if you’re interested, it’s an email course and you can do it on your timing. Freelancing has been very good to me so I shouldn’t complain about what’s not happening for me on the blogging front. It could be that blogging is just not right for me, even though I do enjoy a lot of things about it. I’m going to explore coaching this month to get clarity on whether I should continue and if I should, what I can do to improve.

  4. I love this post!! When I read all of your followers and numbers I thought for sure you would be making a lot of money from your blog but I love that it was honest.
    I’ve had my blog for 4 months and only made $25.20 from Grammarly lol
    Thank u for your honesty!!

    • Thanks, Erin! You’re not the first person to say that so obviously, something is just not clicking somewhere but I don’t know what. That’s great that you’ve made so much from Grammarly–it’s an awesome tool for bloggers and freelance writers!

  5. Rebecca, your blog is amazing! It will truly take off soon! Your posts are excellent and so very helpful! I think all of your pins are gorgeous! I have no doubt you will be a very SUCCESSFUL blogger ; )

    • Thanks, Starr! I wish I were as confident as you are about that, lol. Blogging is hard and these blog income reports are mostly for me to keep track and I try not to get down on the numbers. I would love for this blog to grow and I’m trying to stay positive and keep pushing ahead.

  6. Don’t get too down on yourself about your traffic and email list numbers… if I had those numbers, I’d be ecstatic! Celebrate those numbers!! And 6 posts + 2 guest posts all in one month?!?! All while also frellance writing?! Wow! Lol. I publish only 2 posts a month!… (maybe that’s why my numbers are so much lower than yours!)

    • Thanks for the encouragement, I always feel like I’m not doing enough. I would like to only be able to focus on blogging full-time but that’s just not gonna happen. Not unless I win the lottery and no longer need to freelance, lol. Two posts are better than none so don’t worry about, as long as they’re high quality and you’ve got people reading them!

  7. Another great income report! I appreciate you giving us every aspect about the journey of blogging, even the bumpy side of it. I recently went a different direction with my blog and scrapped it all together. That alone almost made me give up, but i like the new direction I’m headed much better.. Also, question do you design your own pins?

    • Thanks, Shaniqua! I only wish I had some income to report, lol. Blogging is hard and it’s a struggle a lot of the time. I go back and forth on whether to continue or just hang it up. Interested in seeing your new site when it’s ready! And yes, I make my own pins. Design is something I struggle with a lot.

    • Thanks, Krizelle, that’s nice of you to say. I wish I had something better to report but it is what it is. I just try to keep moving ahead and hoping that my efforts will bear fruit.

    • Thanks, I like to keep my blog income reports realistic. I’d love to be one of those bloggers making millions by their third month but I think I missed my window on that, lol. Pinterest is still a mystery to me, all these months in. I’m hoping to figure it out sooner rather than later and make it work for me as a traffic driver.

  8. Rebecca, thanks for sharing your August Income and progress report.
    You did great I must say.
    Do you remember when I was overwhelmed with this whole blogging stuff just after paying for Elna’s course? It was you who encouraged me to keep moving and making little progress.
    Since then my page views have increased to 5,000.
    You do all this and still encourage your readers, you’re awesome.
    I usually don’t set goals, so I don’t have enough data to write an income report. But I think I would start that.
    Your posts are always very helpful.
    Also, I’m scared about guest posting, don’t know if the owner of the blog would like my writing.
    I have enrolled in your freelance course. God help me.
    Thanks for everything.
    Buayifa | Let’s Live MIni recently posted…Top 5 Tips To Connect And Bond With A StepchildMy Profile

    • Thanks Buayifa and yes, I remember! It sounds like you’re doing great so far. I would definitely start setting goals, that gives you something to work toward. If you have any questions about the freelance course, just let me know. If you’re worried about guest posting, just take time to get to know the site first and the kind of content they have already. That can help you figure out if it’s a good fit. And as far as them saying no goes, here is a fact about blogging and freelancing: you’ll hear no a lot. And it’s hard at first but the more you put yourself out there, the more your chances increase of finding the people who really love your writing. So go for it and keep pushing yourself to take the next step!

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    • Thanks, Charity! I didn’t post a blogging update for September because the month didn’t go as planned–I’ve decided to tweak my focus a bit so that took up most of my time. Blogging has been an up and down thing for me so far as well!

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