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11 Ridiculously Easy Ways to Save on Electric

Do you dread getting your electric bill each month? I know I do sometimes, especially when it's been really cold or really warm out and we've had to run the heat or air more than usual. Finding ways to save on electric might be on your to-do list, especially when you've got a growing family. ... READ the POST

7 Foolproof Ways to Create a Single Mom Budget

Living on a single mom budget isn't always easy. In fact, it can really suck sometimes. You want to make every penny count and stretch your dollars as far as possible, right? But living on one income can be tough to do when you've got growing kids. I get it. My kids and I have been a ... READ the POST

10 Tips for Living (and Thriving) on a Tight Budget

Living on a tight budget sounds about as fun as hugging a porcupine, doesn't it? But making a small budget work might be your reality if you're a one-income family. Fifty-nine percent of Americans live paycheck to paycheck and once upon a time, I was one of them. Living on a tiny budget means you ... READ the POST