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7 Tips to Find Your Focus and Grow Your Business

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Did you start a blog or online business to make extra money, only now you’re struggling to find your focus?

I’m right there with you.

I started this blog with the best intentions and what I thought was a rock-solid plan. Turns out, I had no clue what I was doing!

So I ended up wasting time on things that didn’t matter or help my business grow.

And now I’m more or less starting from scratch to try and get right what I didn’t the first time.

That’s why I’ve got some tips to help you find your focus so you don’t waste time like I did.

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Why the Struggle to Find Your Focus Is Real for Mompreneurs

find your focusIf you’re reading this as a mom, then you know exactly why getting focused on your blog or business is so hard.

You’ve got kids and a home and the family budget to manage. It’s a lot and it’s easy to get distracted.

Of course, mom guilt kicks in at some point and tells you you’re not doing enough for your kids.

And in the meantime, your blog or business suffers because you can’t give it the attention it needs.

You try to get caught up only to feel like you’re falling even further behind. Meanwhile, you see other mom bloggers and mompreneurs raking in the cash and having huge success.

It’s beyond frustrating.

And once you get into that cycle of frustration and distraction where you lose focus, here’s what happens:

Productivity goes out the window

You start on one thing, then another and before you know it, you’ve got a pile of half-finished tasks hanging around.

If you want to be more productive, you have to fully find your focus instead of doing things halfway. 

You’re not fully invested in anything

When your attention is spread across so many things, it’s easy to lose sight of what you’re supposed to be doing.

If you don’t find your focus, it becomes a lot harder to zero in and commit to a path that’ll move you forward in your business.

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Impatience gets the best of you

The big problem with having no focus is that you don’t always give things the time they need to produce results.

In the process, you get impatient and your business can fizzle out before it really even gets started.

You lose sight of your ‘why’

The worst thing you can do when you’re trying to grow a blog or business is to let comparisons influence what you do. 

You know what I mean. Everyone else is doing X, Y or Z and getting results but when you try it–zip, zilch, nothing. 

That leads to frustration, which can make you lose sight of your vision and drain the heart right out of your business.

You throw money away

When you’re just starting out it’s natural to want to get as educated as possible and equip yourself with all the tools you need to build your business.

The problem is that when you don’t take time to find your focus first, you can end up buying things you don’t need or investing money in your business in the wrong places.

I totally did that.

I spend hundreds of dollars on a pricey blogging course over two years ago. I’m still less than a third of the way through it.

Finishing it is one of my big goals right now but I really wish I’d just held on to my money.

Time gets wasted, too

Time is the most valuable resource you have when you’re just starting to build your business and it’s not one you can afford the squander.

Sure, you’re busy. But staying busy and being productive aren’t the same thing.

You get overwhelmed

If you’re just starting your business, you probably feel like you’re in over your head. 

When anxiety over what to do next kicks in, one of two things you can happen.

You either freeze, because you’re not sure which step to take next. Or, you throw in the towel and put your mompreneur dreams on the shelf.

I’ve totally been there. It’s what kept me from launching this blog for over a year.

The more I tried to do, the more overwhelmed I became.

And that’s exactly what I want to help you avoid.

How to Find Your Focus and Grow Your Business (as a Busy Mom)

So how do you do that? Here are seven ways to find your focus and get back on track:

1. Get clear on your why

To build any business, you must have a vision. Your vision is the goal you’re working towards, it represents your WHY.

Ask yourself some questions if you’re feeling fuzzy on your direction. 

  • Why are you starting this business?
  • What mission are you hoping to fulfill?
  • What are your goals for this business?
  • Who are you trying to reach?
  • Who are you hoping to help?

This step is really non-negotiable for running a business successfully. Sasha, at Everyday She’s Sparkling, has an awesome guest post on her blog that explains why finding your “why” is so important

2. Get comfortable with not being able to do it all

The pressure to get it all done can make you want to cry — literally. (And I have, more than once along the way).

But here’s what you need to know:

You can’t do it all. 

Not all at once anyway.

But you can make a dent in your to-do list by setting some clear goals.

The best tip I have for that is to start by picking the three goals that are going to have the most impact on your business right now to focus on. 

For example, when I decided to try blogging again, I decided to work on three things:

  • Filling up my site with valuable content that people would want to read
  • Getting over my fear and promoting my blog
  • Fine-tuning what I wanted my niche to be

Picking just three goals helps you lock down what you need to do, instead of all the things you think you should be doing.

Once you start to get comfortable in your business, you can start adding on new goals to chase down.

3. Think short-term

When you can’t find your focus at all, stop and ask yourself what you can do today, tomorrow, this week to get your business going?

You can then use those small things to build up to one larger goal.

Let’s say that a year from now, you want to be generating $5,000 a month in income from your business. If you’re starting from scratch, your smaller goals might look like this:

  1. Create your business plan.
  2. Write up a list of potential clients.
  3. Pitch your services to five new prospects each week.

It’s enough to get you going again when you’re feeling totally unmotivated but not so much that you’re freaking out about what you have to do.

4. Block your time

Time blocking is seriously the best habit I’ve ever adopted, in my business and in my life.

It just means breaking down your day into different blocks of time. Within these blocks, you focus on specific tasks.

So my typical daily time block looks like this:

  • 7 a.m. to 8 a.m. – Wake up, shower, make breakfast, scan emails that came in overnight, check my to-do list
  • 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. – Write client assignments for the day, respond to emails if needed, pitch client ideas, do at least one blog-related task
  • 12 p.m. to 1 p.m. – Lunch
  • 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. – Homeschool time
  • 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. – Tidying up, dinner, walking the dogs
  • 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. – Kid time
  • 9 p.m. to 12 a.m. – Working on my blog
  • 12 a.m. – Bed

My day doesn’t always follow this exact pattern. Some days we have soccer practice or church. Some days it all goes to hell in a handbasket before 9 a.m.

But on the days that I’m able to stick to the routine, I always end up surprising myself with how much I’m able to finish.

5. Dial down the white noise

Social media, TV, game apps. Distractions are everywhere and they will jam up your focus game if you don’t do something about them.

Cutting out these time-wasters is essential and once the clutter’s gone, you might be amazed at how much extra time you really have to work on your business.

If you’re clueless about where your days go, there’s an easy solution: tracking your time. 

Tracking your time helps you get tuned in to your habits and figure out where you’re wasting precious minutes in your day. (And be sure to grab my free time tracking sheets if you need something to help you get started!)

6. Do one thing at a time and focus on high-value activities

I know what you’re thinking.

Work on just one thing at a time? I’ll never build a business that way.

Actually, that’s not true. You can build a business by doing just one thing each day. It just might take you a little more time to do it.

So, which thing do you work on?

Here’s a little tip I picked up from the fabulous Tracie Fobes. (And be sure to check out her Facebook group for bloggers if you’re looking for some awesome blogging tips!)

  • Make a list of everything you need and want to do in your business.
  • Prioritize that list based on what’s urgent, important and what you don’t necessarily need to work on right away.
  • Then, start with the most urgent and work your way down.

Easy peasy, right?

It sounds so insanely simple that you think it can’t work. But really, it does.

Once you have a roadmap of sorts to follow for what to do, in what order, getting focused and growing your business becomes so much easier.

You stop wasting time on things that don’t matter and just zero in on the things that are going to give you the biggest return.

7. Stop seeking perfection

Here’s an important lesson you need to know if you’re going to be successful in your business: perfection is a lie.

Your business — whether you’re a blogger, freelance writer, virtual assistant or something else — is never going to be perfect.

In fact, it’s going to be downright messy at times. Nevertheless, you can make it work if you stick with it. 

So don’t get hung up on making everything exactly perfect. 

Get clear on your vision and goals and choose your most important tasks.

Then do it ugly if you have to, but just do it. 

Cut Yourself Some Slack, Mama

One more thing I want to say about trying to get focused so you can grow your blog or business: be kind to yourself.

For real. Because it’s so easy to get burned out as a mompreneur and that doesn’t help you, the people you’re trying to connect with and definitely not your family.

So make sure you’re scheduling time for yourself in the mix. A little self-care can go a long way toward helping you stay motivated to chase after your big blog and business goals.

And celebrate what you are able to accomplish each day. Wins are wins, no matter how big or small.

When all else fails, just focus on doing one thing every day to grow. If you can keep doing that consistently, eventually your results will catch up with your goals.

get focused and grow your business

Have You Struggled To Find Your Focus While Building a Business?

Now it’s your turn–do you have a killer tip for dealing with distractions so you can find your focus and get more done as a busy mamapreneur?

Tell me about it in the comments!

And if this post helped you, be sure to pin and share it with another mama who’s trying to do it all!

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Hi there, I'm Rebecca, homeschooling single mom of two. I built a six-figure freelance writing business from home and now I teach busy moms how to save money, make money and master their time! Follow me on Pinterest and Twitter and don't forget to check out the Resource Library--it's packed with tons of free tools to help make the busy mom life easier!


  1. One of my biggest struggles is letting social media (and the affirmation it represents) distract me from me WHY. Instead of focusing on my mission and producing content to communicate and achieve that, I get caught up in “What will get me the most likes or pins?”

    That’s healthy to a degree—you’ve gotta think about what your audience wants! But you need a healthy balance, and it can be difficult to find it.

    • Laurel, that is so true! I’m still new to blogging and the promotion aspect is difficult for me–I just want to focus on writing great content. But you have to get out there and promote, but it’s hard to stay to true to your own vision when you’re trying to get people to notice your stuff.

  2. I feel that as moms, we’re already so used to doing it all and being all over the place that we take that “can’t stop” mentality into everything. These are some great tips to stay focused!

    • That’s so true, isn’t it? It’s hard trying to do all the things as a mom and entrepreneur and it’s so easy to get distracted! Finding your focus can be hard sometimes but if you can do it, you can really start to see results in your business.

  3. ANOTHER awesome post from you!! 💕 These are such great points and I think as moms we all get caught on all of these.

    I definitely can relate to needing to just pick one thing and focus on it. It’s so hard sometimes to just pick one thing when you have so many ideas but you truly can never excel at something if you’re just being a dabbler. lol

    • Thanks so much Adriana, I’m glad you liked it! Being a mom is hard enough but it seems like my mom brain really kicks in when I start trying to do too much. Focusing on just one or two things instead of trying to do it all can help you be so much more productive and really focus on what’s going to grow your business for the long term.

  4. Loved this post! I am six months into blogging and definitely had shiny object symptom for the first few months. When I focused on myself, I was more productive and clear on what I wanted my blog/brand to be.

    • Thanks, Shantel. That’s great that you were able to get focused and increase your productivity. It’s hard in the beginning to figure out what you should be concentrating your time and money on to get things done and really grow your business.

  5. Rebecca, I feel like you are speaking directly to me. I did all of those things at the beginning (hamster on a wheel) and I am just now calming down some and getting more focused. This post comes at the perfect time since the kids go back to school soon and I will have more time to focus on my work. You have given me multiple ideas on how to do this and not waste time. Awesome post, as usual. And thank you.

    • You’re welcome, Jenny! I hear you about the kids being home and not being able to get much done. Even though we homeschool, we still have a routine and that all goes out the window over the summer. I hope you’re able to use some of these tips to get focused and grow your blog even more once school starts back!

  6. All so true and very good tips. As online bloggers, we wear so many hats.
    My new thing is that my everyday to-do list only has 3 things on it. I found that it’s more achievable and it does feel really good when you can cross out tasks. 🙂

    • Thanks, Lise. The 3-item to-do list can be a much more powerful way to find your focus and get things done than trying to do it all. And it definitely feels great when you can get all three of your to-dos crossed off.

    • You’re welcome, Valerie, I hope this post helps you in some way. I’m right there with you on feeling scattered–I took a blogging break for a few days and now I’m finding it hard to regroup and get my focus back.

  7. I like your idea of thinking short term. I find that it works best for me. Just ticking off things one at the time and celebrating small victories.

    Looking too far ahead can be overwhelming.

    • Same here, Tim. If I look at my total to-do list, I just get overwhelmed and can’t get anything at all done. Doing things one at a time makes a huge difference.

  8. I love your writing style. You explained each and every point in a easy way.
    Yes, focusing on the one at a time is very important to finish it on time. Thank you for sharing this important information.

    • Thanks, Vanesh I try to make things as easy and clear as possible! Focusing on one thing at a time is huge–multitasking is totally counterproductive.

  9. Perfect time for me to read this post. I’m only a few months into working on my blog and sometimes I just get so confused as to what I need to be working on at that moment. There’s just so much! Distractions are my biggest issue right now. I get the most work done when I go sit outside, getting away from the TV and everything else. Too hot for that right now so I’m trying to find a good alternative.

    • Thanks, Lora. I have the same struggle, I just don’t know what to work on first some days. And there are just so many distractions when you’re trying to get things done! It can be hard to find your focus but once you do, it can make such a difference in how quickly your business grows.

  10. Great post! So many of these tips are applicable to life outside the biz too.

    “You can’t do it all.

    Not all at once anyway.” <- 100% accurate!

  11. First of all, I want to say I just love your blog! This is the second time I’ve ended up on one of your posts, and each time I’ve been impressed and grateful for your very straight-forward, USEFUL, and relatable style. You offer sound advice in very practical no-nonsense terms. Please keep doing what you’re doing! 🙂

    Second, I think time blocking is probably what I need to work on. I recently created a blog binder for myself, and that has been a godsend because now when I have random flashes of inspiration, I have designated places where I can write them… and more importantly, actually find them again later! So that has definitely helped me improve my focus. Now I think time blocking might be the next step.

    My biggest struggle with focus is that I’m always getting inspiration for new things I want to do next with my blog and products I want to create. It can be so hard to focus on getting one good idea completed when I have so many other exciting good ideas waiting for their turn!
    Rebecca | recently posted…Piano Buying Guide: How to Choose the Right Type of Piano for YOU!My Profile

    • Thanks, Rebecca! Time blocking can be a huge help for getting focused so you can be productive and get things done. I have the same struggle as you when it comes to staying focused–I have lots of ideas and I want to work on them all at the same time! It’s a real process to figure out what needs your attention first, versus what can wait a little while you knock out the most important things on your to-do list.

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