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How to Grow Your Blog and Business When You Have No Time

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Are you trying to grow your blog or online biz and feel like you’re getting absolutely nowhere?

The struggle is real, believe me.

In my first six months as a freelance writer, I was trying so hard to get some traction. And now that I’m trying my hand at blogging, I’m having some serious deja vu.

Because trying to grow your blog is really hard.

Especially if you’re already running a business.

Or working a full-time job.

Or just trying to juggle all the things moms do every day.

I’ve only been blogging for a few months but it’s taught me a lot about what it takes to be a blogger.

One of the biggest lessons is that if you’re going to start a blog or any business, you have to put in the time and effort to make it a success.

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I routinely spent 8+ hours a day working on growing my freelancing business for a solid year. I needed my business to grow and grow fast so I could take care of my kids.

It was super stressful but it paid off.

I’m approaching blogging a little differently, though.

I choose to focus on my freelancing business first because it’s my money-maker.

And besides freelancing, I also need to be able to do other things.

Like homeschool my kids, handle household chores and squeeze in some quiet time for myself now and then.

So instead of being the hare with blogging, I’m more like the turtle.

And if you’re a busy mom too, you might feel the same way.

But, you can still grow your blog and business even when you don’t have a ton of time.

How to Grow Your Blog and Business as a Busy Mom

Figuring out how to grow your blog and business seems impossible when every minute of your day is sucked into the void.

Or at least, that’s how it can feel sometimes.

Blogging especially can make you cry big salty tears into your laptop when you constantly feel so behind.

You have thoughts like:

  • That mom blogger is making money in her third month and I have yet to join one affiliate program.
  • This other mom blogger just had a six-figure course launch and I haven’t even started my list. 
  • There’s another mom blogger who got a million views on Pinterest her first week and I haven’t cracked 10K after six months. 

If you’ve been blogging or trying to grow your online business for any amount of time, you know what I’m talking about.

But that kind of thinking doesn’t do anything for you.

It actually makes it worse because it ups your anxiety about everything you’re NOT getting done.

So let’s take a deep breath, shall we? And solemnly vow that we won’t let those nasty comparisons steer us off course anymore.

Instead, do this: Learn how to grow your blog and business with the time you have, not the time you wish you had.

Sound good? Here are five tips to make it happen.

5 Ways to Grow Your Blog and Biz Now

1. Be realistic about what you can do.

Grow Your Blog and Business

How much time do you really have to commit to growing your blog and business?

According to Jon Morrow, who’s one of the godfathers of successful blogging, you need to commit at least 10 hours a week if you want to grow a popular blog.

Add on another 10 if you want to grow it quickly. 20 hours a week works out to 2.85 hours a day.

Look at your current schedule. Do you have around 3 hours a day to commit to blogging or working on your business?

If the answer is yes, then great. Jon Morrow would say you’re ahead of the game.

But if the answer is no, then you need to know how much time you really can commit to focusing on your blog and biz.

Maybe it’s two hours a day or just one. Whatever it is, say okay and focus on making the most of that time.

Choose the tasks you can work on that are most impactful and don’t worry about the rest.

And here’s one thing you shouldn’t do. Don’t beat yourself up because you’re not getting the same results as everyone else.

Celebrate your wins, no matter how small. Keep your eyes on your own page so those oh-so-unhelpful comparisons don’t start creeping in again.

2. Decide what’s most important.

The easiest way to totally sabotage yourself as a new blogger or online entrepreneur is to give in to shiny object syndrome.

You get bogged down in trying to do all the things.

And you make up exactly zero progress towards growing your blog or business.


Because you lack focus. 

If you’re struggling with how to grow your blog and business with being a stay at home mom or working a full-time job or going to school, focus is your best friend.

But what do you focus on?

You can start with defining two to three specific goals. Then, you outline the most important action steps you need to take to reach that goal.

When I first started freelancing, my initial goal was to make $5,000 a month. I didn’t have a set time frame; I just knew I wanted to hit my goal as quickly as possible.

So I focused on three things: networking, pitching and consistently delivering my best work.

To me, those three things were most important and had the highest potential to deliver a return on my time investment.

Think about what you want to achieve in your blog and business over the next three months.

(Three months is long enough to measure the results of your efforts but not so long that you lose your motivation.)

Narrow it down to just two to or three goals.

Now, break it down further to what you need to make those goals a reality and work on just those things until the next quarter rolls around.

For example, your goal might be to get 500 new blog subscribers. You can’t force people to sign up for your email list or freebie, but you can drive traffic to your blog.

So your action plan might look something like this:

  • Write a great post that includes a useful opt-in to encourage people to sign up for your list
  • Promote that post in Facebook groups
  • Create an eye-catching pin for the post and add it to your pinning rotation

That’s just three steps. Three steps are doable, right?

If it still seems overwhelming, break it down even more. Take one day to outline your blog post. Then draft it another day.

The next day, create a quick content upgrade to go with it. Set up the automation for it with your email provider.

Publish the post and double-check it for SEO, grammar and spelling errors. Create one pin graphic and pin that post directly to your “Best of” board.

Promote the post once a day in a different Facebook group. Manually it 2-3 times a day to group boards on Pinterest or schedule it in Tailwind.

The goal is to make your blog and business tasks as manageable as possible for the time that you have.

3. Get rid of your biggest time sucks.

How to Grow Your Blog

Everybody has something they waste time on.

Watching TV, scrolling Facebook, crushing candy. The time ticks by and you end up feeling guilty for wasting it when your blog and business are sitting on the back burner.

The solution is pretty simple: You cut out things that don’t really matter to your blog and business vision.

If you don’t know what your time wasters are, try spending a week or so tracking your time every day.

Where do you go, what do you do? What’s part of your daily round?

Take note of everything you do throughout the day and how much time you spend on it. At the end of the week, look through each day and separate your time into different categories.

Your biggest chunk of time might be earmarked for sleeping, but what about the rest of your days?

Seeing your time broken down can help you figure out where your time drains are so you can ditch them for good.

This doesn’t just go for the things you’re wasting time on when you’re not working on your blog and business either.

Do you waste hours agonizing over pin graphics or blog headlines?

Have you spent weeks working on a 50-page lead magnet when a simple checklist or cheat sheet could get the job done?

Are you waiting to land your first freelance writing client because you haven’t crafted the ultimate pitch yet?

I know, it’s so easy to get bogged down in this kind of stuff. Because you want it all to be perfect.

News flash: It’s never going to be perfect.

So stop wasting time on things that aren’t truly vital to your blog and business growth.

4. Grow your blog and business in the gaps.

Trying to grow your blog and business is a marathon but it’s the shorter sprints that can sometimes yield results.

Think about your day. Where can you find small blocks of time to work on your blog or business?

During my son’s soccer and basketball seasons, I brainstorm blog post ideas or email freelance clients while he practices. I use the two hours he and my daughter are at our monthly homeschool art class to draft new posts.

Those are larger chunks of time but I can still get things done to grow my blog and business even when I only have a few minutes to spare.

I just use those times to do smaller things like:

  • Pinning a few of my posts to Pinterest
  • Commenting on blogs from influencers and bloggers in my niche
  • Watching/reading a lesson from whatever blogging course I most recently signed up for
  • Reading a tutorial post about a blogging skill I want to learn
  • Dropping a link to my latest post in one of the Facebook promo groups I’m a member of

These are little things but combined, they can add up to something bigger because they help drive traffic to my blog.

You may be focused on the big steps you need to take to grow your blog and business but ask yourself what you can do with a few minutes here, a few minutes there. Then do those things.

For example, say you’re trying to get more clients for your virtual assistant business. Some small things you can do in a few minutes include:

  • Pitching one prospective client
  • Sharing your website or blog on Facebook
  • Updating your Hire Me page
  • Scanning your favorite job board for VA openings

Again, these are little things. But you might be surprised at what these baby steps can do for your blog and business in the long run.

5. When you can’t do everything, do ONE thing.

5 Ways to Grow Your Blog and Business

I get that you want to do all the things to grow your blog. So do I.

But can I do that realistically? Nope. Not all in the same day anyway.

So here’s what I do instead: I do one thing at a time.

Some days, that one thing is all I get done. Some days, it’s not.

But as long as I’ve gotten that one thing — whether it’s making a new lead magnet, writing a new post or just pinning for 10 minutes — I feel like I’ve made progress.

If you’re struggling with what to do first or next, pick one thing and work on it until it’s done. Cross it off your list and move on to the next.

Doing one thing at a time might make you feel like you’re moving forward at a snail’s pace but you’re still moving.

And if that one thing helps you grow your blog and business, that’s all that really counts.

What Are You Doing to Grow Your Blog and Business?

Growing a blog or business isn’t a cakewalk but it can be soooo rewarding when you pull it off.

And if you feel yourself catching major guilt of how much time you aren’t able to spend on your blog or business, just remember that you’re not alone.

What’s the biggest time or productivity challenge you’ve faced with growing your blog and business?

What tips do you have for getting stuff done when it seems like you have no time?

Tell me about it in the comments and remember to share this post with another mom who’s trying to build a successful blog & biz if it helped you!

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  1. Love this post. As a new blogger and a part-time blogger it’s tough to get this message. But this post and others definitely helps! Thanks!

    • The time struggle is definitely real for me, but I just keep plugging along! I think you can be successful blogging part-time if you’re consistent, have a plan and are determined to make progress and succeed. Glad you found this post helpful!

  2. This is a great post. I think I struggle in wanting to do ALL of the things. I really need to step back and figure out where I want to focus and make those things work for me!

    • Hi Katie,

      That’s where I’m at right now. If I could blog for 8 hours a day, I totally would but that’s not realistic. So I’m focusing on doing one bigger thing every day at least, then doing other smaller things that have the most value for me. It’s definitely a marathon and you just have to keep your eyes on the prize and move ahead a little each day!

  3. I would love any information you’re willing to give as far as how you went about monetizing and what you did to do it. Your blog is amazing!

    • Hi Ashley,

      I’m not actually making any money off this blog yet :). All of my income comes from freelance writing but if you’re interested in learning more about that, let me know. I’m always glad to help out a fellow freelancer!

  4. Okay this is probably the most useful post I’ve ever read about growing a blog. It’s so realistic and seems so doable! I’m at a point where I have time right now, but your tips still seem so useful! I’m definitely going to get better about setting specific goals and focusing on those instead of trying to do a little bit of everything because right now, that’s just not working. Thank you!

    • Hi Shannon,

      I’m glad you thought the post was helpful! It’s so easy to get overwhelmed and try to do everything when you’re just starting out. I’ve had to tune out all the noise and just focus on what I can do each day to get closer to my goal!

  5. Wow this was a real eye opener! Being a new part-time blogger I am still trying to work out my schedule, how much time to spend on each task, what task to focus on, etc. You post totally puts things into perspective. THANK YOU!!!!

    • Hi Heather,

      I’m glad you found it helpful! Being realistic about what I can and can’t do with the time I have has helped me so much and I’ve worked out a schedule that works for me. I’d love to be able to do more but I’m able to focus on what I CAN do now, without feeling guilty about not having more time or comparing my progress to someone else’s. 🙂

  6. This post was really helpful and hit in a few of the things I’ve been thinking about/working on/struggling with! Prioritizing is a big one for me at the moment.

    • Hi Nkem,

      Prioritizing is so important, especially if you don’t have a lot of time to spare. Cutting down my to-do list to just one or two things a day has helped tremendously with blogging. I don’t feel so overwhelmed anymore or worried that I’m not doing things fast enough.

  7. Wow, this was just what I needed! I just started working full time and am finding it difficult to balance working on my blog. Thanks for these tips – I feel more motivated to continue blogging despite having less time!

    • Just keep moving forward Paige! Finding the right balance is so crucial — yet so hard to do. The key is to find a schedule and a strategy that works for you and follow it consistently. Small steps still count!

  8. This was really useful, I definitely am one to compare myself to other blogs and kick myself for not doing as well… i know I shouldn’t but sometimes you just need to hear it from someone else!

    • Thanks Natalya! You really do have to tune out what everyone else is doing and focus on what YOU can do to grow your blog & business. It’s so hard sometimes, especially when you see people who are seemingly moving at a faster pace but it makes it a lot easier to concentrate on what’s going to help you most in your own journey. 🙂

  9. Thank you for this! I’m a newbie blogger still in college so finding the time to blog is difficult. It’s also very easy to feel discouraged when you aren’t receiving as many views as you hoped. This is wonderful advice! Thank you!

    • Hi Hannah,

      I’m right there with on you both counts! I’m not in college anymore but running one business makes it tough to focus on growing another one. Just keep working your strategy and stay consistent — the views will come!

    • Awesome Mackenzie, glad you found it helpful! Just keep moving forward and doing one thing at a time. Consistency pays off!

    • Awesome, Emily! I’m just trying to keep it simple and take small but impactful steps so I can keep moving forward!

  10. This is super helpful! I definitely struggle with wanting to do too much at the same time and need to focus on just one thing at a time. Thanks for sharing your tips!

    • So do I! It’s hard when you want to get ahead and grow your blog or business but time is always short. I’m super excited about trying new things and connecting with other bloggers and writing great content but I have to remind myself that it’s a marathon, not a sprint!

  11. This was a super helpful post, especially the ‘getting rid of your time sucks’! I never realised how much time I was wasting by mindlessly watching TV or Netflix – better step up my game! Thank you Xx

    Ciara –

    • Thanks Ciara! My biggest time suck is actually reading — I love to read. I’ve had to cut back a lot since I started blogging but I’m getting more done for sure!

  12. Oh this is absolutely wonderful! Seriously so much good stuff in this!! I will be saving this and reflecting back to this often as I just completed month 3 of blogging and it feels like the to-do list is only climbing higher!!!

    • That’s exactly how I feel Haley! Each time I learn something or accomplish something, I’m already thinking about the next thing. One thing at a time is how I plan to get it all done!

  13. It’s so funny, my mom recently said to me, “Where do you find time to run your blog and work full time?” And I just laughed and laughed, because I honestly have no idea! You’re right, you fill in the gaps during the day with blog, make a commitment, and just do it. Plus, you know, weekends are nonexistent 😉

    • I’ve been doing a lot of the more intensive blog stuff on weekends and sticking with lighter stuff (pinning, updating posts for SEO, promoting in FB groups) during the week. Creating a set schedule has taken the pressure off a LOT, although I do miss being able to read all afternoon on Saturdays while my kids play in the pool!

  14. This is such great information! You hit the nail on the head with all of these! Thank you for streamlining it and helping out a newbie 🙂

    • You’re so welcome Tamar! I’m still a newbie too so I’m trying to help other people who are in learning mode just like me!

  15. Oh my gosh, there is so much helpful information here. I always feel so grateful as someone who is so new to this to find others who are willing to share this sort of advice. Thank you!

    • Glad you found it helpful! That’s my ultimate goal, because I’m still figuring it all out too! 🙂

    • Awesome, thanks for the feedback! Just focus on making the most of the time you can commit to growing your blog and business, and doing what you can with every spare minute!

  16. This is such a great post. Thanks for this. That shiny object syndrome is real. I’ve already take.n steps since reading this. What are some general FB groups that you can recommend for us bloggers to join that aren’t related to any particular niche?

    • Hi Nadia, thanks so much! Shiny object syndrome is always a killer, distractions are the worst. If you’re looking for Facebook groups, you’ll want to check out this post on my favorite Facebook groups for bloggers! There are 15 groups mentioned that are some of the best around, regardless of blogging niche.

  17. Loved this. I, too, find little pockets around my kids schedules to write, get things done, and build my blog and business. Sometimes, i feel like if I could just have a chunk of time, I would be more productive and successful, but I also know I’d be giving up some of the time with my kids while they are little. Gotta just keep chugging along and appreciate the baby steps!

    • Thanks, Erica! I feel the same way, I wish I could work for longer stretches uninterrupted but it just doesn’t happen! So I have to find the time and make it work around our at-home schedule so my kids don’t feel totally neglected. Taking even one step forward a day is still progress!

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