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How to Build a Freelance Portfolio When You’re Brand-New

How frustrating is it to try and build a freelance portfolio when you're just getting started as a freelancer? As someone who's been there and done that, I can tell you: It's pretty dang frustrating.  You want to build a freelance portfolio that showcases your best work to snag clients. Only, ... READ the POST

How to Find Your Perfect Online Business Niche

Do you want to start a business from home but have no clue what to do? Or maybe you have a million ideas and you can't settle on one? There's a lot of pressure that goes along with starting an online business, especially when you're also a mom. You want to make money but you don't want to ... READ the POST

How to Be a Freelance Writer in 2019

Are you ready to be a freelance writer so you can make money online? As someone who's living the freelance writing hustle full-time, I can say that it's a pretty sweet gig. :) But what does it take to be a successful freelance writer these days? When I first started freelancing, I didn't have a ... READ the POST